Training Possibilities

The WTOC team and Grupo Desportivo 4 Caminhos club selected some maps for self training in similar terrains to those that will be used on WTOC 2019. The maps are from FootO competitions and training camps and not specifically mapped for TrailO.

NAOM 2019 TempO maps and map area from the competion are now available.

A ECTO 2019 event will be held at Penamacor (35km away of Idanha-a-Nova and 20km from Monsanto) in june 22nd and june 23rd, 2019, in similar and relevant terrains for the WTOC.

The program will have a TempO and a PreO stage. The organizer will be the club COC - Clube de Orientação do Centro - Portugal. Please check the event site for entries information.

PIOM in TrailO

Maps in similar and relevant terrains of WTOC may be requested for self-training. Please check Maps for Self Training page.

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