TempO Final

Saturday Afternoon, 29th June - São Pedro Vir-a-Corça


The trip to the Parking takes 30km/35min from the Event Center (Idanha).

There are signs from Cidral (TempO Qlf) 6km/10min.

Parking to Quarantine – 200m

Quarantine to Start - 500m

Finish to Arena – 0m

São Pedro Vir-a-Corça

Scale 1:4000, contour interval 2.5m, ISOM

  • Mediterranean terrain with a mix of semi open areas and forest
  • High slope and great variety of rocky and contour details
  • Big boulders.

Map for TempO Final

Last FootO competitions held in 2013. Never used for TrailO.

TempO Timed

There will be a Quarantine before the Start that closes 30 minutes before the first athlete starts!

Steep tarmac road in good conditions. Pushers will be available at the quarantine.

There will be 8 timed stations, each one with 5 tasks and 6 flags.

Services: Toilets will be available at the Quarantine and at the Arena. Refreshments will be available at the arena.

Results/Solutions: Live results will be available in the official website and at the Arena. Solutions map will be available at the competition center as soon as the last athlete ends his course. Each team leader should collect his country’s maps envelope.

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