Public Event Information

During the WTOC 2019 week an Open Public Event will be held in the same maps and courses of the official competitions, giving the oportunity to everyone to experience the same level of challenges of the World Championships.

Program and Stages

The Public Event will take place between june 24 and june 27 with four stages:

  • June 24, 2019 - Model PreO 1
  • June 25, 2019 - PreO 1
  • June 26, 2019 - Model TempO/PreO 2/Relay
  • June 27, 2019 - PreO 2

The stages of the Public Event will be in the same day of the Official competitions after the last competitor ends.

Please consult the WTOC program to see the estimated starting time of the Public courses for each day.

Remark : There is no Public TempO stage as announced in Bulletin 2.

Location and Technical Information

The access to the Arenas, locations and all Technical Information for the Public Event stages is the same at the Official WTOC 2019 Competitions.

The time limit for the Public Class is the same as the WTOC Open class time limit. The queue for the timed stations in the Public Class is the same as the WTOC Para class.

Entries and Entry Deadline

General Open Public named entries are registered on Orioasis, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation online entry system.

The deadline for all entries in the Open Public Event (Eventor and Orioasis) is June 13, 2019.

WTOC Accredited Team Officials and Athletes can register their entries on Eventor for Public PreO 1 and Public PreO 2 as a service.

WTOC Accredited Accompanying Persons can register their entries for any Public stage on Eventor as a service.

During Accreditation the names must be indicated to include in the Public startlists.

For their convenience all Accredited Team Officials, Athletes and Accompaniyng Persons can register named entries on Orioasis as an alternative for the Eventor entries.

To register the Open Public entries on Orioasis click on the link below.

Entry Fees and Payments

The Entry fee for each Open Public course is:

  • Open Public Model PreO 1 (5 Eur)
  • Open Public PreO 1 (15 Eur)
  • Open Public Model PreO 2 (5 Eur)
  • Open Public PreO 2 (15 Eur)

All Eventor registered entries are paid as an add-on service fee.

All Orioasis registered entries are paid by bank transfer. Check all the details on the Orioasis entry page.

Electronic Punching

The Public Event will use the same Electronic Punching system as the WTOC 2019 competitions (Sportident).

Accredited Athletes and Team Officials will use the same SI Card that is allocated for WTOC.

All the other participants can use their own SI Card (if registered on Orioasis) or have an allocated SI Card (free of charge) available at the Competition Center at the Arenas.

[Corrected] All owned SI Card Series 5 and SI Card Series 8 cannot be used in the WTOC Open Public Event. The organization will allocate a proper SI Card instead.

All the allocated SI Cards must be returned to the organization after the SI Readout in the last stage. All lost or unreturned SI Cards cost 50 Euros.

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