PreO 1

Tuesday, 25th June - Quinta de Valongo


The trip to the Parking takes 4km/10min from the Event Center (Idanha).

There are signs at the main road (N353) near Idanha’s football stadium.

Parking to Arena - 0m

Arena to Start – 1000m (by foot)

Finish to Arena – 1500m (return by van/bus)

Quinta de Valongo

Scale 1:4000, contour interval 2.5m, ISOM

  • Mediterranean terrain with a mix of open and semi open areas
  • Low slope and good variety of rocky and contour details

Map for Model PreO 1 and PreO 1

Last FootO competitions held in 2013. Never used for TrailO

Time Limit
One Way
Start and End

Good dirt path with low slope. Pushers will be available at the Start.

There will be two sections which will be marked with tapes where the athletes are allowed to leave the path in order to solve the tasks.

There will be two One Way sections. They will be marked on the map and the athletes will need to be aware of which task should be answered before and after each one.

There will be a Timed Control before the course and another one at the end, both with 3 tasks and 6 flags. Two tents per station, the left one for Para and the one on the right for Open.

All athletes that finished their courses before last athlete starts will remain in a Quarantine.

Services: Toilets will be available at the arena, in the middle of the course (time doesn’t stop) and near the return point. Refreshments will be available during the course (more ou less one per each 200m) but will not be identified on the map.

Results/Solutions: Results will be available online and at the arena. Solutions maps will be available at the competition center after the last athlete’s start. Each team leader should collect his country’s maps envelope.

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