Maps for Self Training

The WTOC team and Grupo Desportivo 4 Caminhos club selected some maps for self training in similar terrains that will be used on WTOC 2019.

The maps are from FootO competitions and training camps and not specifically mapped for TrailO.

All maps are located near Castelo de Vide and in a 15km radius, so it is possible to have consecutive training sessions without travelling a lot.

Castelo de Vide is about 60km from Idanha-a-Nova and offers low budget accommodation  and very typical Portuguese food.

The recommended access point to the terrains are located near the Parking Spots. To enter the terrains, if you find a wired gate, please open it, enter and close it immediately to prevent cattle to cross it.

If you find loose cattle, it will probably run away from you. Although the cattle is not brave, it may be curious. In short, be careful.

To view the map locations, please check the map below.

The maps are available in PDF in the original map scale for printing.

Maps with 1:10000 scale are also available in printed 1:5000 scale from original OCAD files. There is  no change in map scale nor symbol resize.

There are no OCAD files available but all maps can be used Free of Charge, courtesy of Orievents and Grupo Desportivo 4 Caminhos orienteering club.

To request maps for self training, please contact by email.

The selected maps for WTOC 2019 self training are listed in the following table for your information and pictured below.

MapScaleContourSheet Size1:5000 Scaled Size
Nisa Lapa1:100005mA42 * A4
Póvoa e Meadas1:50002,5mA4N/A
Quinta das Lavandas1:100005mA52 * A4
Vale Serrão1:100005mA5A4
Vale Lobo (NEW)1:40002,5mA5N/A
NAOM 2019 TempO Maps (NEW)1:40002,5m30 A5 Minimaps
NAOM 2019 TempO Solution Map (NEW)1:20002,5mA3


MapParking CoordinatesAccessWay In/Way OutCattle
Nisa Lapa39°29'32.1"N 7°36'15.2"WRestrictedOpen/Close Rural GatePossible Loose
Póvoa e Meadas39°30'33.6"N 7°31'32.5"WFreeNo GateNo Cattle
Quinta das Lavandas39°26'55.4"N 7°26'43.2"WRestrictedOpen/Close Rural GatePossible Loose
Vale Serrão39°23'21.9"N 7°31'40.3"WRestrictedOpen/Close Rural GatePossible Loose
Vale Lobo (NEW)39°23'21.9"N 7°31'40.3"WRestrictedOpen/Close Rural GatePossible Loose

Remark: Some terrains need land owner authorization before training and may be some cattle nearby. Please inform in which dates you want to train in order to get proper access and to check if there are loose animals.

Remark: In Quinta das Lavandas map, there is a Out-of-Bounds area defined by the landowner. Respect and do not cross the boundaries of  the forbidden areas as this terrain is private.

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