Accreditation and Entries

All WTOC 2019 accreditation and entries must be done through IOF Eventor online service.


All preliminary entries should be submitted by April 23, 2019 (team size).
Entry payments must be done by May 12, 2019.
Final entries should be submitted by June 13, 2019 (team names).

Entry Fees

Accreditation and Entry FeesAmount
Accreditation for Team Oficials105 Eur
Accreditation for Athletes105 Eur
Accreditation for Acompanying Persons50 Eur
Entry for TempO70 Eur
Entry for PreO100 Eur
Entry for Relay (per team)120 Eur
Banquet30 Eur

Accreditation fee for Athletes and Team Officials includes participation in the model events, access to allowed competition areas, competition maps and banquet.

Accredited Accompanying Persons get access to allowed competition areas.

The entry fee for Athletes includes participation in the relevant WTOC competitions (qualification and finals, when qualified).

There is no limit on the number of accredited Team Officials or Accompanying Persons.

Entries will not be valid until the payment is confirmed. Check Payment Info for details.

Banquet and additional services will be available on Eventor for your convenience.

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