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The WTOC 2019 site has been updated with all the information available in Bulletin 3.

The menus are arranged in a similar order as the B3 index, so you can use your desktop or mobile devices and check all the info on the go.

A new map has been added to the Training Possibilities. The Vale Lobo map was used in the NAOM TempO competition in last March, so it is possible to train there in a 1:4000 map specifically updated for TrailO. It is a partial map in the same area as Vale Serrão map.

As a bonus, all maps and solutions from NAOM TempO can also be requested in order to setup the competition timed stations.

For the next days, remember that all entries and accommodation requests must be paid until may 12, 2019. All rooms cannot be held much longer without payment.

For those who want to take part in Public Event Stages, please make your entries via Orioasis or Eventor (if accredited in WTOC).

Consider the participation in ECTO event in Penamacor. It is a close area with  similar terrains of those of WTOC 2019 and it is the best way to get a good warming up just before the championships.

Para athletes should send to the organization a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility for Para Class by june 13, 2019. We are going to be very strict about this issue.

Please send us a email if you need a escort for Para Athletes. Inform which Para athletes need assistance. We will provide escorts, but we want to be as prepared as much as we can.

Feel free to ask any technical question to the email General mails about any other subject should be sent to

Don't forget your hats and 50-factor sun protection. Portugal is very sunny as you know and Idanha-a-Nova month of june is normally a month with summer climate (hot and dry).


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