Bulletin 3 is Published [Updated to Version1.1]

The WTOC 2019 Bulletin 3 has been published.

You can download standard or high quality versions in the links below.

Bulletin 3 Standard Quality

Bulletin 3 High Quality

The WTOC 2019 team created a new email account only to address technical questions or doubts. All questions under this scope are welcomed.

The goal is to have a easy way to all WTOC team members communicate with us.

We want to be ready as much as we can to integrate your doubts into B4 and collect all data from you just before Team Official Meetings.

To address the WTOC 2019 technical team, please use wtoc2019questions@gmail.com

Remark: The B3 was updated to version 1.1 due to some small corrections on program and text.

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