Preliminary Course Information

In the next table the aproximate course lenght and climb for each model and competition course is described along with additional map information.

CourseLenght / ClimbMapOld Map Area
Model PreO 11300m / 15mQuinta de ValongoIdanha-a-Nova Norte
PreO 11400m / 15mQuinta de ValongoIdanha-a-Nova Norte
Model PreO 2 /
Relay / TempO
1200m / 15mCidralCidral
PreO 2900m / 5mQuinta dos CiprestesNo previous Map
Relay3700m / 75m
team route)
1100m / 20mCidralCidral
TempO Final600m / 60mSão Pedro de Vir-a- CorçaSão Pedro Vir-a-Corça
Remark: Preliminary Course Information as published on Bulletin 2

Accessibility for mobility impaired competitors

All competitions will be set on good dirt paths mostly with low slope. In the short steep parts there will be extra pushers. TempO Final will be in a steep tarmac road with extra pushers along the whole course as needed.

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