[Updated] New Training Possibilities

If you want to have some training before WTOC 2019, there is a selection of maps near Castelo de Vide (60km from Idanha-a-Nova) with similar terrain features.

To get detailed info about locations, available map formats and other useful tips how to make the most of your stay, please check Maps for Self Training page.

[Updated in November, 8 2018]

A small part of Quinta das Lavandas map is out of bounds for Training.

Detailed info about Parking spots and access rules have been added to Maps for Self Training page.


Warm-Up for WTOC 2019 / ECTO 2019 event in Penamacor

A ECTO 2019 event will be held at Penamacor in june 22nd and june 23rd, 2019, in similar and relevant terrains for WTOC.

The program will have a TempO stage on Saturday and a PreO on Sunday.

Penamacor is only 35km away of Idanha-a-Nova and 20km from Monsanto, the key places for WTOC 2019.

The organizer of ECTO event will be the club COC - Clube de Orientação do Centro - Portugal.

Please check COC site for available information in a short while.

Tip: If you plan to come to both events and due to the proximity to WTOC 2019 areas, please consider booking one acommodation place for the whole stay.

WTOC 2019 Bulletin 2 is Online

Several months after the first post and many thousands hours of work done since then, the WTOC 2019 team publishes the Invitation Bulletin.

Summer days in Idanha-a-Nova and Monsanto are hot, and field work has been pushed hard to bring the best out of those terrains despite the heat.

So the Bulletin 2 is ready for download and more detailed information about the venue is now available.

The preliminary program has changed, the competition areas redefined and the stages have been reordered along the event. The final choice give us the expectation of having found the best combination we can choose from.

There is now a preliminary course technical information available, based on all the planning already made.

We expect all top athletes start to plan the visit to Portugal shortly for the trip in June next year. In a while the accommodation details will be published.

But here is more than WTOC 2019 in the roadmap. A nearby relevant ECTO candidate event in similar terrains is being prepared for the weekend before the Championships, in order to have a taste of the look of the competition areas for training purposes in a formal competition.

During the week and immediately after the official competitions, a Open Public Event will be set for every one who wants to get a grip of the challenges presented to the best Trail Orienteers of the world, in the same terrains and courses.

At this moment, the website is a mirror of the published WTOC Bulletin 2, but expect some new posts in a near future with updated information.

All boulders are in place for the WTOC 2019. We have check them all.

Feel free to mail us to ask for some information you may need.

Welcome to Portugal and to Idanha-a-Nova!

The WTOC 2019 Webmaster

Monsanto by Night

WTOC 2019 Site is Online

Welcome to the WTOC 2019 website! Starting today, and until the event aftermath, this Internet space will be the official news spot.

We will try to have a web page simple yet modern with the same level of user experience both on desktop and mobile devices mainly for usage during the competition week.

The WTOC 2019 Team will publish all relevant info here first hand and post all news also on the WTOC 2019 available Facebook page. Subscribe our RSS feed and be up to date will all news  that will be published.

For now, the information available on the website is similar to the one published on the WTOC Bulletin 1.

Visit our page regularly for all about the event and for Idanha-a-Nova info, the municipality that proudly hosts the World Championships.

Idanha-a-Nova is a special place sprinkled with boulders, thousands of rocks everywhere and olive fields as far our eyes can reach. Trail Orienteering will have a blast here in 2019.

Feel free to mail us to make a suggestion or ask for some specific information you may think useful for you and to be shared with the world.

Welcome to Portugal and to Idanha-a-Nova!

Yours sincerely,

The WTOC 2019 Webmaster

Idanha-a-Nova Town Hall

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