Eventor Open for Preliminary Entries (Team Size)

The WTOC 2019 Eventor is now opened for preliminary entries.
All preliminary entries should be submitted by April 23, 2019, indicating team size.

About Eventor, please remember that:

WTOC 2019 Athlete event accreditation should be registered based on mobility condition (Open class or Para class).

Open Class Athletes are those who do not have physical limitations and do not have Para elegibility.
Para Class Athletes are those who have permanent disability and must provide eligibility certificate to the organizers until final entry deadline.

Team Officials event accreditation should not be competitors.
If a team does not have a designated Team Official, at the accreditation in Event Center must inform the organization who will attend the Team Leader meetings during the WTOC week.
The organization suggests a maximum of two elements per team to be present at TOM’s.

Accreditation fee for Athletes and Team Officials includes participation in the model events, access to allowed competition areas, competition maps and banquet.

Accredited Accompanying Persons get access to allowed competition areas. Additional entry for banquet is optional as a service.

Team size for each WTOC competition (Individual and Relay) is also opened for preliminary entries.

All Accredited Athletes, Team Officials and Acompanying Persons can participate in the Public Event courses if not included in the accreditation.
There is service to indicate the number of persons participating to the Open Public courses.
There will be only one Open class on Open Public courses.

All services related to Open Public entries and lunch services at the Arenas can be ordered in Eventor.

The Open Public TempO event will not be held as announced in Bulletin 2.

For non-Accredited persons:

…that come to WTOC 2019 and want to participate in the Open Public event, the entries can be made on Orioasis, following the link WTOC 2019 Open Public Event entry.

If you have any doubt or question, please send a e-mail to wtoc2019@fpo.pt.

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